cProcProfiler Class

Your main interaction with the profiler is through this class. The Usage column indicates the type of profiling session in which you are likely to need to access a particular property or method.

Public Methods

Usage Name ReturnsArgument(s) Summary
 Advanced StartProfiler none StartProfiler(sname As String, Optional pLevel As ptLevels = ptLevelAll)Create required objects and start a profiling session. Will be called automatically if you use procProfilerConstruct instead of creating your own cProfileTimer
 Always FinishProfiler none FinishProfilerFinish profiling session
 Advanced DestroyTimers none noneCleans up at end of a  Profiling session after reporting the results. Will be called automatically if you use procProfilerDestroy.
 Always Start
 Start (Section As String, Optional ProcName As String = "Not given", Optional pLevel As ptLevels = ptLevelLow)
Marks Start of a timing section
 Always Finish none Finish(Section As String)Marks finish of a timing section
 Sometimes Pause none Pause(Section as String)Marks the beginning of some code within a section that should be excluded from the total timing for that section, until the section is restarted with the Start method.
 Always Results none Results (rOutput as Range)Creates a table of profiling results starting at rOutput, which should reference a valid range in your workbook. 

Public Properties

Usage Name TypeSummary
 Advanced Timersreadonly collection of cProcTimers Timing information on each Section
 Advanced Created readonly Date When thiis cProcTimer was first created

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