Do something useful with GAS in 5 minutes

This new section is for a series of small tutorials - small useful steps that can be coded in around 5 minutes 

Some rules

  • Every snippet will be accompanied by a slide deck, and code published here (and maybe even a youtube video)
  • It must be codable in about 5 minutes. Naturally there will be additional time to set things up, add libraries and so on, but try to keep the actual new code to about 5 mins to make it digestable to those following the series
  • I'm encouraging that existing libraries, and other do something useful snippets are mashed together to form more substantial capabilities or apps
  • All material is under creative commons license - see Reusing code from this site
  • I'd be happy to publish your stuff here too if it sticks to the rules
  • Just because there's not much new code allowed doesn't mean you can't do cool things. Using GAS services, add-ons,  shared libraries and previous tutorials make a powerful combination and are what Apps Script is about.
Let's get started

For more snippets like this see Google Apps Scripts snippets
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You want to learn Google Apps Script?

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