Migrating user and script properties

The old UserProperties and ScriptProperties services have been deprecated and replaced by the new PropertiesService. In the old service, a user property was available from all scripts to a particular user, and a script property was available to all users of a script. 

In this new service, the getUserProperties() are available to a particular user running the current script, and getScriptProperties() are available to everyone running this script

At some point you'll need to migrate your existing properties to this new PropertiesService. Here's a handy script to do that

function mergeProperties (from, to, replace) {

  var props = from.getProperties();
  var existingProps = to.getProperties();
  Object.keys(props).forEach ( function (k) {
    if (replace || !existingProps.hasOwnProperty(k)) {
      existingProps[k] = props[k];
  return existingProps;

function migrate() {

  mergeProperties ( ScriptProperties , PropertiesService.getScriptProperties());
  mergeProperties ( UserProperties , PropertiesService.getUserProperties());

  // check
  Logger.log( PropertiesService.getScriptProperties().getProperties());
  Logger.log( PropertiesService.getUserProperties().getProperties());

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