Dynamic height gadget with page popularity index

As in Displaying analytics data on site pages, I'm using a dynamically resizing gadget for this. Like this your pages aren't clogged up with a large index page since it reveals only when you hover over an image. Now using the same analytics and G+ data, here's a gadget that automatically creates a popularity index for all your site topics that looks like this screenshot. 

To be able to use this, you need to have implemented Displaying analytics data on site pages, since it accesses that data to drive the index. Hovering below will let you see the whole thing. Clicking somewhere will lock it in position.

Where to get it

The hosted address for my version this gadget is https://storage.googleapis.com/goinggas.com/public/hosting/sites/xliberation/xml/siteindex.xml. 

You can use it or copy and make your own.  It's on GitHub here.

To insert, go to insert/..More gadgets and insert by URL.


These are fairly self explanatory. I recommend you set the initial height to a fairly small value - I use 100 pixels. It will adjust to the height of actual image once it sees it anyway. The default image is as below, but you can change it to some other by modifying the image link. The text that sits next to the image is the image label preference in your gadget,

The code

The gadget code is on GitHub here, or you can reveal it below

The webapp

This uses a small Apps Script webapp to serve up data from the analytics database. You can get it on GitHub here or reveal it below.

See more like this in Using a canvas in Google sites and Displaying analytics data on site pages
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